We'd had the pleasure of providing a wide rang of services for clients across varies fields of expertise. We find their words about our services go further than ours ever will.


Logan understood the details of our branding initiative from the start. Each iteration made huge strides in meeting our branding goal so we quickly had the assets we needed to better communicate with our customers. Her attention to detail and ability to communicate good ideas, helped get our branding efforts in shape.”​

Aaron Klemm, Co-Founder, (launching soon!)


Logan is AMAZING! I would absolutely recommend her and her services both as a small business consultant and for marketing/advertising materials. She is creative, quick, honest, upfront and her work is supportive and beautiful.”

Emily Dexter, Owner, Eleanor's Catering, Seattle, WA

Logan is an amazing strategist and creative thinker! She’s been helping me to narrow and refine my niche and articulate the words to my marketing materials that will make my perfect clients say, “Hey, she’s talking to me!” She’s also very gifted in so many other aspects of entrepreneurship that I no longer think of her as a consultant but part of my team!
Gwen Orwiler, Emotional Freedom Coach/Owner, Your Strongest Life, Seattle, WA

“I have worked with Chef Logan Niles both as a skilled professional catering chef and as a creative catering business consultant with excellent results in both capacities. Her insightful recommendations as a consultant are matched only be her extensive culinary capabilities.
Jacqueline L. Frazer Executive Chef/Owner Command Performance Catering, Inc. New York

​“Logan took the restaurant kitchen and turned it into a manageable operation, within weeks she had operation manuals and systems in place, organizing staff and putting new flare to the menus. What a pleasure it was learning and working with her.”
Ash Farrelly, Owner, The George Street Diner, Toronto, Canada

“Logan is the best! A real pro, a totally wonderful colleague and a tireless multi-tasker. She is a woman with a generous, beautiful, fun spirit whose aim to serve others is unparalleled in this industry.
David Turk, President, Indiana Market & Catering, New York

“Logan is an excellent idea person, who brings new and fresh perspectives to a project or client, always creative and outside of the box but also taking into account business needs, consumer/user needs, marketing angles and go-to-market strategies. On numerous occasions, she has shown her ability to grasp complex concepts and add value in every instance, particularly, of course, in the areas of food, beverage, hospitality, events, soaps, cosmetics, and bath & beauty products. She can very easily ramp-up in a industry vertical where she has very little experience, and begin adding value right away, sometimes with a unique perspective. She has been doing brand creation and consulting for many years as an adviser for numerous brands (big and small), and is a great networker. - she is multi-talented.”
Steve Haak, Owner, 3DotOh!, Seattle

“Logan has an unique ability to think very differently and is extremely creative in her solutions. Being a quick learner, she can connect dots and apply different framework in various scenarios. She also is very ambidextrous when it comes to developing new food and body care products. To sum up - She is very critical in her approach and also a true perfectionist.”
Vishal Singhal, Sr. Strategy & Business Analyst, me-Interactive, New York. Co-Founder & Managing Director, Caterpillar Labs